About Us

Weifang Binhai Geruite Chemical Co., Ltd was incorporated in the Market Supervision Administration of Weifang Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone on April 19, 2011. During the 8 years of development, we have always provided good products, technical support and sound after-sales service to our customers in fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes and rubber industry, etc. There are 100 employees, and our business model is production and processing. Through enhancing the core competitiveness of our company constantly, we strive to establish a good social image during our development. At present, we are mainly engaged in the production and trade of: bromine, hydrobromic acid, sodium bromide, potassium bromide, 2-bromopropane, ethyl bromide, sodium bromate (pharmaceutical, pesticide, fuel), 1-Chloropinacolone, AKD Surface sizing enhancer (for paper factory), TOT-90 synergist (pesticide factory) and other products.
Our business philosophy: quality is fundamental, good price is vitality, goal is motivation, sincerity is a constant force. Adhering to such production and management philosophy of "customer is God", we strive to be a trustworthy company among customers with our best product quality, the best product prices and the most complete service. 
Geruite is our tomorrow and the future of all business partners. Our company says hello to all customers, and sincerely hopes that our sincere and perfect service can make you better profits and popularity.

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